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18 DEC 2018

Permit Denied for Large Hog Feedlot in Southeastern Minnesota

“Owner of site near Mabel, Minn., says the company will take a different tack to keep the 4,890-hog project alive.”

26 Nov 2018

In Southeastern Minnesota’s Karst Country, Feedlot Proposal Has Neighbors Riled

“Water worries prompt rare second hearing in SE Minn. hog farm.”

8 Nov 2018

Dirt Rich: Healthy Soil Movement Gains Ground in Farm Country

“Jesse Hall is sold on regenerative agriculture. ‘It crumbles, and it looks like chocolate cake,’ Hall said. ‘Once it’s got the consistency of chocolate cake, and it’s spongy, that’s what you want.’ And it’s got more life in it, too, from invisible bacteria to earthworms.”

1 Oct 2018

League of Women Voters Look at Water Quality Issues

“La Crosse, Wis (WXOW) – Members of the League of Women Voters Upper Mississippi River Initiative hope they can play a bigger role in tackling water issues locally.”

22 Sep 2018

Nature Nuts: Austin’s Cedar River Fails the Pollution Test

“It was a nice July day, but more importantly, it followed an overnight rain throughout the area. That was enough for Larry Dolphin to mobilize a crew to test the headwaters of the Cedar River in Dodge County. I was invited to join the effort…”

19 Sep 2018

Water Day: Learn About Local Water Quality

“Water quality is a crucial aspect of a healthy environment, and several organizations are partnering to show Winona citizens how to care for their local streams. Sustain Winona and the Izaak Walton League of America are teaming up for the first Winona Water Day event, to take place this Saturday at Levee Park.”

6 Sep 2018

Former Austin Nature Center Director Hasn’t Let Up Outdoors Focus

“Water quality is a big problem in southern Minnesota, so this is something me and Nancy are passionate about,” he said. “We want to leave our little part of the world a better place for future generations.”

19 June 2018

Height of Illinois Levees Concerning to Some in Missouri

“State versus state battle lines are being drawn across the Mississippi River, with a top Missouri official urging Illinois regulators to back away from a plan allowing higher levees that could push more floodwater to the Missouri side of the river.”

10 June 2018

In Southern Minnesota, Citizen Scientists Take on Pollution in Much-Used Cedar River Watershed

“They found dangerous levels of E. coli in Cedar River Watershed…”

24 June 2017

Corps’ Mississippi River Dredging Plan Threatens Wabasha Farm, Tourism

“A longtime family farm could be sacrificed to keep barges moving.”

10 Jan 2018

Tracking Salt Levels in Our Streams

“We have recently been experiencing ice, snow, and freezing temperatures in Maryland (as has most of the country). Something most people probably aren’t thinking about during these deep freezes is the threats posed to water quality and stream health.”

11 Apr 2014

The Downside of Spreading Manure on Frozen Ground

“Application of manure on frozen ground almost guarantees economic loss on the value of manure while also potentially harming the environment. Phosphorus and nitrogen in manure can have negative effects in the environment when in excess.”