Our Vision

We envision a healthy and harmonious relationship between people and landscapes of the Upper Mississippi River Watershed; a relationship bonded by clean water, healthy soils, abundant wildlife and habitats, and robust economic well-being, supporting a high quality of life.

Our Mission

To empower local communities, cultivate conversations, and bring forth actions that will restore the soil, land and water of the Upper Mississippi River Watershed for generations here and yet to come.

The Upper Mississippi River Initiative (UMRI)

The Izaak Walton League’s Upper Mississippi River Initiative (UMRI) is a collaborative, grassroots effort to better understand our degraded water, listen and learn from each other, and pursue actions to improve mutual water concerns.

In 1972, the Clean Water Act established national “fishable, swimmable” goals for our waters to be achieved by 1983, (with “zero discharge of pollutants” by 1985.) We have clearly failed to achieve these goals. While “point source” pollution coming from defined sources (pipes) has been greatly reduced, “non-point” sources from farmland and developed areas are largely unaddressed.

Heated political and regulatory discussions and millions of dollars directed at these sources from governments, foundations, and farmland owners have had little impact on water quality, or affected habitat, farmland and communities.

Our waters are degraded by rural and urban activities, erosion of topsoil and from stream banks is increasing, flood damage expenses are increasingly affecting local communities, while groundwater use exceeds recharge.

The Izaak Walton League’s UMRI uses multiple approaches to find common ground among people and respond to specific water interests. Join our commitment to respectful conversations, open-minded learning, and action to improve local streams and watersheds of the Upper Mississippi River in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. We are building trusting relationships and supportive partnerships, listening to learn, and developing and leading local water improvement initiatives.

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