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Dave Zentner

Dave Zentner

National Director

David Zentner is the National Director for the Izaak Walton League of America and a Member of the Duluth Chapter of the Minnesota Division, where he has served as the Chapter President on multiple occasions and the Division President on two occasions. David is also a member of the National Endowment Board, the Ike’s National Trust Board, and was awarded the “Fifty-Four Founders” award, the League’s highest award. His volunteer conservation work began in the 1960s. Since then, he has worked on projects for and with the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Voyageurs National Park, and the Superior National Forest, just to name a few. While David’s accomplishments are too numerous to list, he was named Outdoor Life Conservationist of the Year on Outdoor Life’s 100 year anniversary in 1998, and held an active leadership role in the campaign to pass the Clean Water Legacy and Land Constitutional Amendment in 2008.
Piper Donlin

Piper Donlin

Outreach & Engagement Coordinator

Piper Donlin is the Outreach and Engagement Coordinator for the Upper Mississippi River Initiative. Piper holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, Sustainability Studies and Studio Arts from the University of Minnesota. She completed a Master’s in Sustainable International Development at the University of Oslo in 2015. Her research focused on the food sovereignty movement in Ojibwe communities across Minnesota. For the past three years, Piper has worked as the Outreach Coordinator of Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters and Northeastern Regional Director of the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters. She enjoys Nordic skiing, painting, and traveling in her free time.
Carolyn Rindahl

Carolyn Rindahl

Communications & Social Media Director

Carolyn Rindahl is the Communications Director for the Upper Mississippi River Initiative. Carolyn holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Ecology with a focus in Natural Resources Management. Throughout her academic career she worked on several environmental research projects through the University of Wisconsin Madison and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in D.C. For the past five years Carolyn has worked as a Digital Marketing Consultant and Marketing Communications Planner in both digital agencies and at General Mills. In her free time she enjoys hiking, fishing and playing guitar.

A Word

From Our National Director

“The Izaak Walton League strategic plan… is to make conservation a way of life for every citizen. We (have) failed, in spite of our heroes, in spite of the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the Endangered Species Act. We have not reached every day citizens. We have done the reverse in many ways. All of our success in the ’80s, in some ways, has made us a little arrogant, too piped into big government, too piped into top-down. I think I’m right that we start with our neighbors. We don’t start with the U.N. We don’t start with U.S. Senate. If all politics are local, then we go back to the old ways — from pre- and post-World War II. We go to the PTA. We talk to our neighbors and try to understand them.”

– Z

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