Conservation Efforts

“Match” survey, Cedar River re-do, Fish and Sheep

  “Match” farmer survey ready!   The goals of the “Match Made in Heaven” project are straightforward if ambitious. Simply put but hard to grasp, the 6-state working group (UMRI is a member) wants to forge more marriages between crop and livestock producers...

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Sparks in November, Nature Matters & Cedar River

—November Gratitude       —Sparks in November!   Two spectacular harmonizing events occurred at the Izaak Walton in Des Moines on November 16, 2022. A Recap of SOUL. SOIL. SPARK. AFTERNOON CONFERENCE & EVENING BANQUET  The complementary events...

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What’s Happening At UMRI

Protecting the Lifeblood of the Nation

Commerce, Recreation, and Beauty Rely on River Conservation