Conservation Efforts

A Stream Grant with a BIG Purpose! & Celebrating 100 years!

    Celebrating 100 years!   As we celebrate the history of the Izaak Walton League’s centennial birthday, we must remember that it has been a male dominated organization, and often female voices were left out.  During the past few decades history has...

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Summer Time— Awards and Land Stewards

On land, In Streams!     It’s worth repeating…Save Our Streams Volunteering with a REAL purpose! The team of retired land stewards volunteer to monitor streams in Greene County.   June samples were collected for the ongoing monthly “chemical” data gathered...

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With a Purpose— Land & Water!

  A Diverse Farm & Monitoring Water   May is one of the best times to monitor streams and waterways in the heartland. After a long cold winter, the ice melts and the water begins to flow. Life cycles in the waterways emerge, stream critters are waking...

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