Landowner Success Stories

Presentations, Videos & Films

Break from the Herd film (2018), by The Magic Letter Films.

Treating the Farm as an Ecosystem with Gabe Brown – Part 1: The 5 Tenets of Soil Health (2017) by Living Web Farms. Gabe tells how he has more than doubled soil organic matter levels on his land and significantly increased the soil’s capacity to infiltrate and hold water.  Corn yields at Brown’s farm are higher than the county average, even though he has eliminated use of synthetic fertilizers, insecticides and fungicides, and drastically cut herbicide use. On YouTube at

Soil – From Dirt to Lifeline, TedTalk by Fred Kirschenmann, professor emeritus with the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University, at Or other great YouTube videos on Soil and Water Stewardship, such as Who Will Farm and How (2014) New York Times Food for Tomorrow Conference panel discussion includes Iowa farmer Seth Watkins, at

Soil Health and Cover Crops (2017), presentation by Ray Archuleta, a well-known USDA soil scientist, at a meeting sponsored by Albert Lea Seeds in Minnesota, at

Symphony of the Soil film (2012), at

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Fishers and Farmers Watershed Partnership,

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